How Can You Preserve Your Legacy?

Everyone wants to leave a permanent mark in this temporary world. While we can not stay here forever, we want to preserve our legacy. How can we ensure that the special recipe you were known by is known after your death? Or how can your investments remain in the family after you are gone? We wish there was a way we could control these tangible things from heaven. While that is not possible, you can arrange for it in your lifetime.

Shared Trust  makes it easy and simple for you to keep your legacy persevering long after you are gone. By storing your personal messages (e.g. burial wishes, special messages to friends and family, etc.,), sensitive information (list of your policies, emergency contacts, lists of investments, social media passwords, etc,), you can make sure that they get into the right hands after your demise, or are unable to manage your affairs due to disability or being missing. With this digital legacy app, you do not need to worry about losing any data.

Moreover, a digital legacy app like Shared Trust ensures that none of your data gets leaked. With extensive and complex algorithms in place, all the data is encrypted. Not even the operators of the app have the access to your your decrypted information. The information is accessible only to people you list as trusted parties where you can set conditions for when the data can be accessed by family, e.g. certain records only after your death or in case you are missing.

Maintaining a Family Tree

Your roots are of great importance. Where your ancestors came from and the history behind your family is something that needs to be recorded and preserved. A family tree connects you to your dead relatives and helps trace your origins. It also saves important hereditary information about the family. More importantly, it establishes a connection between the ancestors and current generations.

A family tree is valuable and the risk of losing it can be heartbreaking as it is centuries of data. Hence, it is recommendable to digitize and preserve it somewhere safe. Your hard drives or laptop memories can catch virus and lose all the data. Or can be victim to theft, disaster, or loss. Preserving the genealogical data in a digital vault app like Shared Trust can be the solution. It will save your data and keep it confidential.

Test Results

One way to preserve your legacy is via your DNA results. If you are framed for a criminal activity or someone shows up claiming to be related to you after your death, your DNA results will help clarify things. Preserving the results in a digital vault app, such as Shared Trust will allow you to keep sensitive documents like your DNA results safe and secure.

Other Ways to Preserve Your Legacy

There are numerous ways to preserve your legacy other than saving personal documents. Doing something great that you will be remembered by for a long time can keep you alive in people’s hearts. It does not have to be grand gesture; a small action can make a huge difference as well. For example, leaving small notes for your family and loved ones can melt their heart. Shared Trust allows you to release these messages after your demise or in case, you are missing. This would help them move on easier and smile a bittersweet smile at the memory of you.

Another great way to preserve your legacy is to donate into charitable projects that keep giving. This way not only will you be preserving your legacy but will also be helping someone out even when you are not there.There are innumerable organizations you can donate to or gift a part of your wealth to.

You can seed your mark in this world, that reminds people of who you were long after you are gone. Being mortal does not mean we wrap up all of our existence with our departure. Shared Trust provides you the tools.



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