When the time comes, will the people you trust know?

Billions of dollars in wealth remains unclaimed due to forgotten or untraceable records. Families are left to struggle as messages and important information that we should have left for those we care for were never documented.

This includes a list of our policies, savings & investments, health records, and certain passwords (e.g. to our social media and cellphone). People in our lives will need to know this information when we are unable to manage our affairs. These secrets are not captured in a Last Will & Testament. We have no way to store these records securely, where it won’t be stolen, lost or destroyed; yet allow some of it to be shared in the future.

Shared Trust offers a modern, accessible and secure solution for your essential information.

Available for free for your iOS and Android devices

Why Shared Trust?

Create your personal information file

Maintain a secure record of what’s important: your employer, executor and advisor’s details, funeral wishes, identity numbers, loyalty program details, bequests, debtors/creditors, passwords to social media, devices and email, policies and other sensitive information. Some of this information needs to be made available to your family or friends if you are missing, disabled (and can’t manage your affairs) or deceased.

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Manage if or when Trusted Parties can obtain access

You can choose to store your encrypted secrets for yourself; or choose to share certain secrets with Trusted Parties – only under certain conditions.

Shared Trust solves the problem of lost knowledge and wealth

Shared Trust ensures secure storage for people’s sensitive information, reduction in unclaimed wealth (forgotten or untraceable by beneficiaries), shorter times to settle estate holdings and creates greater relief for family members when the person they’ve lost has a policy/savings to be paid out.

Control access to your secret records

By design, your secret records will only be unlocked to Trusted Parties you nominate after a specific number of Trusted Parties that you nominated report your condition (missing, disabled, deceased), you do not log into the app to dispute their report (after receiving a notification); and the number of days that you’ve given yourself to dispute false requests has elapsed. Or, you can create a “dead man switch” (no proof of life) condition, where your records are automatically unlocked to trusted parties if you have not logged into the app for a period of time you choose, and do not respond to any prior notifications.

Secure by Design

The Shared Trust app offers encryption-on-device (AES-256 bit) and for data being transmitted and stored in the cloud, where a user can specify under what conditions specific information may be shared with nominated parties (e.g. if the person is missing, disabled, deceased, or has not logged into the app for a specific period of time (i.e. no proof of life)). Additional access policies and envelope encryption are used to safeguard secret records

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A Digital Vault for Essential Info

Protect what’s yours

Simple and Easy to Use

Designed with you in mind

Full and Granular Control

You choose the conditions and time intervals

Manage your Legacy

Ensure what’s important is not lost

Overview of your Trusted Parties, Active Conditions and Secrets

Nominate people you trust to vouch on your status

Specify conditions upon which secret records are unlocked to people you trust

Encrypt and store your secret records

Choose who receives access to specific secret records

Manage your account securely

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